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Our Promises to You

You'll Learn to Move Better

Our program is backed by our own in-house DPT (Dr. of Physical Therapy) who is dedicated to keeping you healthy, strong, and moving efficiently. We can work around previous injuries and prevent future injuries.

You'll Get Personal Coaching

Our classes are all ran by experienced coaches that are able to work with clients of all different fitness levels. They work with each member individually during class to deliver the highest quality of effective coaching.

You'll Have Fun Working Out

We will help you find your "why" in your fitness journey. You should have passion in everything that you do. This is no different. You will wake up excited to move and look forward to training each day.

We'll Celebrate Your Success!

We're on this journey with you, and not only do we want to help guide you on the path to success, we want to celebrate the small victories along the way.

Members Just Like You

We aren't just a gym, we are coaches, friends, and family here to support you in your fitness journey.

Matt S. -

I learned that I enjoy a class setting, when you are working hard you feel part of a group that is accomplishing great things, no matter how fit the other members are, or aren't.

Glen B. -

No matter what your fitness goals, Armor Athletics will help you get there. Don't hesitate to come in and check it out.!

Jim S. -

Besides discovering leaking heart valves, I found that I truly can continue to get better and stronger... and healthier.

Zach W. -

It's very friendly here. I am not the most socially outgoing person and the culture is one where saying hello and talking to others is not just allowed but encouraged. Cheering on other's working to complete the WOD or asking other members to make sure you're squatting low enough or what have you.

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