Workout of the Day

From time to time we get the question “do you post your workouts”.

We intentionally do not post our workouts for a few different reasons. For one, we do not want anybody cherry-picking workouts. If there is a movement you do not like, chances are you need to work on that movements. Besides, the movements/exercises for the day should not matter to you. You should just be looking forward to the part in your day when you get to train, and trust in our programming that the workout will be good for you.

The other, and more important, reason we do not post our workouts is because we want the workouts to be exclusive to our members. Our workouts are all programmed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with many years experience in strength and conditioning, including CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and sport specific S&C. We pride ourselves in the quality of our workouts and do not believe they should be readily available to anybody and everybody for free.

If you would like to further discuss our training/programming philosophies, or experience them first hand, we would be more than happy to talk details with you! Just send us a message, call, or stop by!