Nutrition Consulting

Ready to take charge of what you’re eating and start building a better nutrition foundation?

This isn’t a calorie-monitoring program, and we aren’t going to limit your eating the bland boiled chicken and broccoli (although if you’re into that, we won’t judge you). This is a program that will help you learn what kinds of food you need to be eating, as well as how much – in order to help you reach the body and performance goals that you’re seeking.

Nutrition is the foundation of your fitness here in the gym, and is usually one of the primary reasons we aren’t losing fat or gaining strength like we want.

You need to adequately fuel your body.

Our program is customized to meet your particular goals, and updated each month based off your progress, life circumstances, and shifting goals. Each month you’ll receive a breakdown of the amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates you’ll need to eat each day. You’ll keep a daily log that you’ll submit to us each week so that we can see exactly how you’re progressing on the program, and to help hold you accountable!

We require an initial 3 month commitment when you start. This way, your body has adequate time to adjust to the program, and you’ll have time to adjust to a new way of eating.

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